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Interview: Lester Hutt of BevShots, Our Folder Design Contest Winner

Award Winning Presentation Folder Design

BevShots’ folder artwork is actually a microscopic photograph of crystalized tequila. Click to visit the product gallery and see more images of this award winning folder design (SKU: 08-57).

We’ve received many fantastic submissions to the Folder Design Gallery, and we’re proud to announce the very first winner of our yearly folder design contest: BevShots, a company that turns microscopic photographs of alcoholic beverages into gorgeous works of art. Their award winning folder design exemplifies a truly unique take on surreal artwork, inspired by tiny details in the natural world around us.

We spoke with BevShots president Lester Hutt about the remarkable creative process behind the brand’s designs.

Company Folders: Tell us a bit about what BevShots does and how the company first came about.

Lester Hutt: In 1992, research scientist Michael Davidson decided to turn his passion for microscopy – microscopic photos of DNA, biochemicals, and vitamins – into a commercial opportunity. Looking for novel ways to fund his Florida State University lab, Davidson pitched his microphotography directly to retail businesses, one of whom set his creativity in a new direction with just one word: “cocktails.”

The images we create are ultra-close photos of our customers’ favorite beverages, including wine, beer, and mixed drinks. They’re made by crystallizing the drink of choice on a lab slide and shining a light source through the crystal. This creates the sensational colors that appear in the modern wall art, coasters, scarves, and other products we sell.

CF: How was the image featured in this folder design created?

LH: The main image used in the folder design is an actual photograph of what tequila looks like under a microscope. The scientist who shot this photo grew crystals from tequila on a microscope slide. He then used a cross-polarization microscope with a camera attached to shoot the image.

CF: How long does a Bevshots image typically take to create?

LH: Sometimes it takes a few weeks, but it can also take many months. The amount of time is dictated by how difficult it is to crystallize a drink. Some cocktails have a large amount of sugar in them (like a margarita), so those are fairly easy to shoot. But other drinks, especially hard liquors like vodka, can take a LONG time to get any sort of crystals to grow.

CF: Is it possible to predict the type of image you’ll end up with when you photograph a certain type of beverage? Do photographs of wines all have a certain common feature, for example, when compared to photographs of beers or lagers?

LH: No, it isn’t possible to predict the types of crystal formations we will get. Every time we crystallize a drink, the crystals form differently, similar to how no two snowflakes are the same.

CF: What elements or factors do you typically look for in an aesthetically pleasing design?

LH: That’s a hard one! We look through numerous slides and crystal formations until we find one that just looks beautiful. Some photos have a lot of color in them, while others may have just a couple of colors but very intriguing composition. There are plenty of “bad” crystal formations–those that have irregular or dirty crystals, those that are too “busy” or those that have very tiny crystals.

CF: BevShots seems very unique in the scientific approach you take towards creating artwork. Do you feel that other graphic artists might benefit from a background in science, and if so, how?

I would say yes, graphic artists would benefit from looking around at the beauty that they find in nature. They should look through a magnifying glass at the amazing patterning in things like butterfly wings, sea shells or flowers.

Be sure to visit BevShots to learn more about their beautiful designs and to browse their extensive collection of products.

And don’t forget to submit your designs to the Folder Design Gallery. Maybe you’ll be our next winner!

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