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83 Awesomely Abstract Photoshop Brushes

Every now and then, you just need a little extra something to make your project pop. Not necessarily a major design component—just an extra ornament to bring visual interest to your design. Abstract Photoshop brushes are the perfect tool for giving your artwork an added "oomph" without drawing attention away from the main subject. We've assembled 83 abstract brushes ranging from cosmic fractals to arcs of electric energy. Nearly all of these brushes are entirely free downloads, but a few in … [Read more...]

Which Print Graphic Design Career is Right for You?

So you've got a talent for print graphic design and an interest in the print industry—you may be asking yourself, "where do I go from here?" It can be intimidating breaking into a new field or looking for a new job opportunity, especially if you're not aware of the types of career options you might have. Before you settle for making print design something you do "on the side," take a look at some of this exciting graphic design career info within the print industry. Each one of them can help … [Read more...]

How to Use Our Free Folder Mockup Templates

Our 100% free folder mockup templates allow you to create a beautiful, realistic image of how your folder design will look after it's been printed and constructed. You can use mockup templates to: Test and preview your folder design before sending it to a printer Send a design to a current or potential client for review Display your design in a web portfolio or on a personal website Create a folder design from scratch (instead of designing on a die cut template) If you're unclear … [Read more...]

Why JPEG Images Suck for Printing

Back when the Internet was still fairly new, the JPEG reigned as king of all image formats. Thanks to its ability to compress complex images into a low file size, JPEGS were the perfect format to use with dial-up modems and floppy disks. But nobody has used those ancient relics in years-so why does the JPEG still have such a stranglehold over us? It's not that JPEGs are necessarily bad or obsolete; it's just that they're not always the best format for the job. And these days, they're rarely … [Read more...]

500+ Free Photoshop Actions to Download

If you found a way to cut your design time in half, wouldn't you use it? Photoshop actions allow designers to save time and stay efficient by "recording" common tasks so that they can be automatically performed on different projects. But that's not the best feature of actions for Photoshop; they're also easy to share and download. This community aspect has turned Photoshop actions into the ultimate designer "cheat code." Downloading another designer's actions lets you quickly apply new … [Read more...]

Folder Case Study: Fracassi & Associates

Imagine buying a new car, only to discover that the fender was completely crooked. Chances are that you wouldn't simply shrug it off and drive it home; you'd want the car that you paid for. Naturally, the same is true of your marketing materials. Company Folders is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality in all that we do. So when an unexpected mishap made some of Fracassi & Associates' folders unusable, we were determined to make things right. The Problem Fracassi & … [Read more...]

The 174 Coolest Brochure Designs for Creative Inspiration

We bet you five bucks that if you took a minute to look around your office or your home, you'd find a brochure of some type. Whether it's a memento from an event or trip or even just the recipe booklet that came with your new blender, brochure designs are hiding everywhere. There's a reason why the brochure continues to endure in the age of digital marketing--because of creative designers who push the limits with great ideas and imaginative designs that make a lasting impression. We've … [Read more...]

PMS Color Printing: Tips for Finding & Working with Pantone Colors

If four-color process printing is like mixing together flour, sugar and baking powder from scratch, PMS color printing is a little like using pre-made cake mix. You don't have quite as much flexibility with your recipe, but it's a great choice if you're looking for a consistent taste because you always know exactly what you're getting. This guide will walk you through the definition of PMS color and its pros and cons, as well as tips and tools for finding, matching, identifying and converting … [Read more...]

44 Color Scheme Tools for Picking the Perfect Print Palette

Your life is controlled by color schemes. That might sound dramatic, but think about it for just a second-would you go to an important job interview wearing a mismatched suit? Or a violently clashing hair or makeup color? Chances are that your living room, your wedding theme and even your high school colors have consisted of tones based on some sort of conventional color scheme. Human beings prefer living in a world where colors go together, which is why our brains turn to mush whenever we … [Read more...]

250+ Outstanding Mockup Background Images & Textures

Were you the type of kid who just had to have the radical laser backdrop instead of the plain blue backdrop when it came time for picture day at school? Even if you weren't, we've got good news for you. Our folder design mockups feature a completely customizable background; allowing you to have any kind of image or texture you want—and many of them look even better than that laser background. We've gathered up some of our favorite background images and textures to use with our folder … [Read more...]