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79 Artistic Brushes for Photoshop That Simulate Real Art Tools

Contrary to popular belief, Photoshop isn't just for editing photos. It's also a tool for designers who like to create art from scratch. Using the virtual art tools provided by the program, a skilled artist can craft amazing images and designs with or without the use of a pen tablet. But for many designers, the tools that Photoshop provides are not enough. Fortunately, these artistic brushes for Photoshop are the next best thing to using an actual paintbrush, pencil, or other art tool. Every … [Read more...]

93 Outstanding Rack Card Design Examples

If a business card and a brochure had a baby, that baby would look exactly like a rack card. Rack cards are the best of both worlds, displaying an array of information through a medium that's portable and fits neatly into the racks found in hotels, travel centers, rest stops, convenience stores, waiting rooms, reception desks–basically any place that gets a lot of foot traffic. This poses a unique design challenge you won't find in any other print media. Rack cards are usually found amongst … [Read more...]

Is That Printed Color Background a Bad Idea? Pros and Cons

If you've ever done theater or public speaking before, you know that the background behind a subject - even something as simple as a red velvet curtain, as opposed to a plain white wall - can make a big difference. To that end, design clients sometimes pick a colored stock for their marketing materials because they want to accent their design with a more interesting background. But the same results (and in many cases, better results) can be achieved by printing a background color in ink … [Read more...]

Interview: Rade Stjepanovic, Our 2014 Folder Design Contest Winner

We're very pleased to announce this year's winner of our folder design contest is Rade Stjepanovic, a talented graphic designer from Jacksonville, Florida. Rade is a graduate of the University of North Florida as well as Florida State College at Jacksonville. His designs have won awards from the American Advertising Federation of Jacksonville as well as several scholarships and grants. Currently, he works for CFI Marketing and is a member of the prestigious American Institute of Graphic … [Read more...]

5 Ink-Saving Fonts Every Eco-Friendly Designer Must Know

A 14-year old boy recently made headlines when he claimed the government could save millions of dollars every year if they switched to using the font Garamond in all of their printed materials. While his claim was not exactly accurate, it did bring attention to an often neglected issue—the fact that some fonts require more ink than other fonts, which is bad news for the environment. If you're concerned about creating unnecessary waste and utilizing green business practices, then you should … [Read more...]

114 Hypnotically Cute Photoshop Brush Sets

In Western culture, we sometimes look at "cuteness" as a childish or juvenile quality—but in Japan, it’s a whole different story. The prevailing “kawaii” culture in Japan puts so much value on being cute that even police agencies use adorable mascots to reach their audience. And even here in America, the power of cuteness can't be overlooked. Cute animals dominate the most popular images and videos on social media, enthralling audiences with their inescapable charm. Tap into the hypnotic … [Read more...]

Clientele from Hell: When to Fire Your Graphic Design Clients

One of the best things about being a freelance graphic designer is the freedom to pick your clients—but it can also be one of the worst things. It means having to protect your own interests and knowing when to let a client go for the sake of your career, your finances, or your general sanity. "Firing" a client isn't always about getting away from a job you don't like or a person that stressed you out. Sometimes, you might find yourself in a position where you have to say goodbye to your … [Read more...]

Why Every Entrepreneur Must Learn Photoshop

Successful entrepreneurs often wear many hats: salesperson, spokesperson, marketer, innovator, leader, social media guru and motivational speaker. If you want to dress for success, then it's time to think about adding a "designer" hat to your wardrobe. Your company's visual identity defines the way your audience perceives your brand—don't you think you should have a bigger say in that? One of the best ways to dip your toe into the design pool is to learn Adobe Photoshop, which is pretty much … [Read more...]

10 Commandments of Working for Free as a Graphic Designer

If you ever want to get a bunch of graphic designers riled up, gather them together in a room and ask them this question: "Should graphic designers ever work for free?" It's been a hot-button issue in creative fields for as long as anybody can remember, and there's no definite answer that everybody can agree upon. Some graphic artists say it's okay to work for free every now and then to build up your portfolio and experience, while others say the very act of doing design work for free is … [Read more...]

101 Fabulously Retro Vintage Photoshop Brush Sets

Good design never goes out of style; it just becomes "vintage" over time. Nostalgia is a powerful tool for designers because it creates an instant emotional bond with the audience. The right design aesthetic can conjure up memories of our childhood and help us to connect with the generations that came before us. This extensive collection of free vintage Photoshop brushes is the perfect toolkit for creating print designs that stir up feelings of nostalgia in your audience. Vintage brushes … [Read more...]